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Toronto District School Board


Official education partner for hundreds of schools

We offer digital financial planning tools to students at schools in the TDSB. We educate students about career planning, cost of post-secondary education and funding sources available to Canadian families.

Our digital tools revolutionizes the way students and parents prepare finances for post-secondary education.



Trusted technology training provider

Finnovate.io trained multiple teams at Manulife on the latest web development technology to help them build the next generation of financial tools.

All training sessions we delivered received excellent feedback from both developers and managers.



Helping SmartSAVER engage consumers like never before

SmartSAVER.org is leveraging our financial empowerment tools to visually highlight the benefits of RESPs, the Canada Learning Bond, the Canada Education Saving Grants (CESG) and various provincial savings grants.

With our help, SmartSAVER is lowering the barriers Canadians encounter when they start to think about saving for post-secondary education.

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Knowledge First Financial

Knowledge First Financial

Engaging lead generation tools

Knowledge First Financial is the largest RESP only dealer in Canada that manages over $3.62 billion in assets on behalf of more than 250,000 customers.

We developed digital tools that help Knowledge First educates consumers about the benefits of RESP. The tools serve to attact new clients with digital experiences that are deeply engaging and informative.



Migrating to a modern technology framework

We provided training and consulting services to MyBlueprint and helped migrate their legacy student education and career planning platform to React.js fueled by RESTful API's.

The result is an architecture that is web and mobile friendly, offering engaging user experiences.

Oh, and we built their slick marketing website: https://myblueprint.ca

ABC Life Literacy

ABC Life Literacy

Turning static content into engaging user experiences

ABC Life Literacy uses our financial literacy platform to breathe new life into their legacy financial literacy training materials. Our platform allows ABC to turn paper based content into interactive lessions and exercises.

The result is an engaging user experience that educates adult learners about personal finance.



Helping students and parents plan finances

Proliteracy.ca uses our technology platform to aggregate government Open Data to forecast future costs of post-secondary education. The platform also brings visibility to saving vehicles, grants and scholarships to help students reduce debt.

Proliteracy.ca is free for all Canadians.

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