Learn to Build Products with React.js

We offer a 2-day React and Redux training led by an expert instructor.

React and Redux are complementary technologies that allow developers to rapidly build applications that are web and mobile friendly. We believe the best way to teach React and Redux is through practical hands-on exercises. In this training, your team will work together create a real-world application that can be extended for your own product.

Training Environment

2-day Training

  • Led by an expert instructor
  • Lectures complemented by hands-on exercises
  • Seed React and Redux project extensible for your own use
  • Particpants will develop a practical application
  • Development on PC or Mac
  • Up to 8 particpants per instructor
  • Instructor will come to your location

Training agenda

Day 1

  • Intro to Single Page Application
  • Intro to ECMAScript 6
  • Intro to React
  • Redux and Uni-directional data flow
  • Development Tool Chain
  • React Component
  • React Router
  • React Component State & Events
  • Component styling

Day 2

  • Redux Data Store and Reducer
  • Redux Action
  • Managing Business Logic
  • RESTful API
  • Promises
  • Hydrating Data Store with Middleware
  • API Security
  • Unit Testing

Case Study

We trained Manulife's development teams on the latest web and mobile technologies to help them build the next generation of financial tools.

React training at Manulife

Manulife's web development team is developing the next generation of digital financial tools with React.js. Finnovate.io trained their team and received amazing feedback.

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