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We have delivered dozens of digital solutions that propelled growth for our clients. Here are a few examples.
Junior Achievement
As part of Junior Achievement's Dollar with Sense program, Finnovate.io delivered a budget simulation experience that changes the way students learn about personal finance.
JuniorAchievementPreviewMobile JuniorAchievementPreviewDesktop
Junior Achievement
Gamifying financial literacy training in the classroom
Finnovate.io trained multiple teams at Manulife on the latest web development technology to help build the next generation of financial tools.
Accelerating the adoption of modern web and mobile technologies
We offer digital financial planning tools to students at schools in the TDSB. We educate students about career planning, cost of post-secondary education and funding sources available to Canadian families.
TorontoDistrictSchoolBoardPreviewMobile TorontoDistrictSchoolBoardPreviewDesktop
Helping students and parents plan finances for post-secondary education
Finnovate.io developed the myBlueprint.ca marketing website and their Class Pass mobile app for iOS and Android. We also provided training and consulting services and assisted with the migration from a legacy student education and career planning platform to React.js fueled by RESTful APIs.
MyBlueprintPreviewMobile MyBlueprintPreviewDesktop
Modernizing technology stack for student portfolio and career resources
SmartSAVER is leveraging our financial empowerment tools to visually highlight the benefits of RESP. The tools became a primary driver for conversion. MySmartFUTURE.org helps thousands of under-served families with savings for post-secondary education.
SmartSaverPreviewMobile SmartSaverPreviewDesktop
Accelerating the uptake of RESP and the Canada Learning Bond
BioArcade is an innovative mobile game that teaches the player fundamentals of DNA sequences. Player can match DNA sequences to engineer various forms of living creatures!
BioArcadePreviewMobile1 BioArcadePreviewMobile2
Teaching science through mobile gaming

How we can help

With our deep experience in software technology, we will deliver turn-key digital solutions that wow your audience.

Web Apps

We leverage modern JavaScript frameworks such as React & Angular to create applications that work beautifully across all devices.

Content Digitization

Our finnovate platform turns paper based content into dynamic interactive experiences in minutes. Our platform enables organizations to rapidly establish their brand presence online and gain insights into customer behaviour and goals.

Mobile Apps

We are experts in building performant and great looking mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Blockchain Dapps

We build decentralized applications on the Ethereum Blockchain, combining smart contracts and intuitive user interfaces to form powerful experiences.

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