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Laptop with Thrive Savings website open

We helped Techstars company Thrive Savings build out their technology so they can work with young adults to set financial goals and build strong financial habits. We built out core features and refined their product before their North American launch.

The Challenge

Thrive had fully designed their automated savings platform, and after conducting additional market research they had constructed their new product roadmap. In order to launch within an efficient timeline and budget, Thrive needed some additional development resources to rapidly iterate through product development.

Thrive Savings application dashboard and gift card screens on an iPhone

The Solution

In order to change consumer behaviour, Finnovate needed to translate Thrive’s complex vision into a smooth user experience.This involved leveraging third-party API’s and an automation engine--while keeping users’ financial data safe and secure. Finnovate also provided front-end services to add some polish to the UX.

Thrive Savings plan and success screens on an iPhone

The Impact

Finnovate’s expertise in designing and building FinTech apps helped guide their feature implementation process. We helped Thrive navigate their product roadmap more effectively, which allowed them to focus on the non-technical aspects of their business leading up to their launch.

FitSwoop application on a tablet

We worked with FitSwoop’s founders and stakeholders to deliver a fully functional MVP. In 10 weeks, we went from conceptual design to launch.

The Challenge

Vacant classes cost fitness centres and trainers thousands of dollars in revenue. Consumers are shifting away from long-term gym memberships and are flocking to class-based passes.

Fitswoop’s looked to unify both sides of the fitness world: Give consumers access to individual classes with no membership fees, while helping trainers fill their classes.

FitSwoop class booking pages on an iPhone

The Solution

We rapidly designed and developed a platform using modern Javascript frameworks. Trainers can list classes on a mobile marketplace, and consumers can buy and gift classes in a few clicks. The solution features an administrative dashboard, sleek UX/UI design, and handles payment directly in-app.

FitSwoop class info pages on an iPhone

The Impact

FitSwoop launched in 10 weeks and rapidly on-boarded fitness centres, trainers, and customers. The simple app design enabled FitSwoop to scale and launch in multiple geographies.

MacBook with Trader's Edge application open

Trader’s Edge is an investment portfolio management platform that helps individual investors and accountants instantly analyze their assets and generate reports for tax filings.

The Challenge

Trader’s Edge, having been in operation for a number of years, faces scalability challanges as usage of the platform continues to grow. With the ever increasing volume of data, reports started to take a toll on its legacy infrastructure and performance was less than adequate. Furthermore, Trader’s Edge users needed a way to efficiently import transactions from a variety of brokerage accounts.

iMac with Trader's Edge application dashboard open

The Solution

We migrated the Trader’s Edge platform from its legacy environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS), with elastic scaling and self-monitoring capabilities. AWS is integrated with a continuous integration pipeline allowing for automated testing and rapid deployment. also developed a robust data migration framework, allowing users to import transaction data from a large variety of brokerages.

iMac with Trader's Edge application setup open

The Impact

Reports in Trader’s Edge now run three times faster than their original speed. This translates into hours of time savings for each end user. Continuous delivery allows Trader’s Edge to implement, test and deploy fixes and enhancements rapidly, hence dramatically reducing the resolution time to customer support requests.’s robust datra migration framework allows data to flow from a variety of brokerages with limited human intervention which greatly enhances the value proposition of the platform.